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Are you looking to keep the outside of your property looking spick and span all year around? If so, you’ve come to the right place as Pure & Clean are the leading exterior cleaning specialists. Whether at ground level or at height, you can expect nothing less than exceptional results. Impress visitors and customers alike by enlisting our Bournemouth exterior cleaning services today by calling 01202 567 891.


First impressions count and when it comes to impressing visitors and customers alike, ensuring that the exterior of your building is clean and well looked after is an excellent way of making a positive impression. Whether you’re inquiring about your home or commercial property, the team at Pure & Clean provide Bournemouth exterior cleaning services which will make you the envy of your neighbours or competitors.

To find out more about these exterior cleaning services, Bournemouth customers are advised to continue reading or give us a call today.

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    Here at Pure & Clean, we provide the complete exterior cleaning package. We provide a range of services with options to suit all requirements. These are as follows:


    There’s nothing worse than months-worth of dirt and grime building up on the glass. This is not only unsightly to look at but can also reduce the amount of light that enters your property. From houses, bungalows and flats to office blocks, restaurants, shopping centres and care homes, our team will have your windows sparkling once more.

    Window cleaning is one of our more commonly requested exterior cleaning services in Bournemouth – and for good reason. Whether you require a one-off clean or would like to create a regular cleaning schedule, we’re more than happy to assist. Our staff strictly adhere to health and safety and have public liability insurance worth up to £5 million.


    If your walls have seen better days, call Pure & Clean as we provide Bournemouth exterior cleaning services for K Render which are great at revitalising external walls. Over the years, the walls of your property will take a great deal of punishment. In high-exposure areas, walls are often prone to infestation from organisms such as algae and lichen.

    To combat this issue, our team use a professional grade biocide that conforms with current EU guidelines. Unlike the harsh chemicals and jet washers used by other companies, this won’t cause further damage. The biocide penetrates deep killing any algae spores as well as lichen and other forms of fungi. The result are walls which will remain clean and clear of organisms for around 1-2 years.

    What’s more is that this method is suitable for a range of surfaces, including:

    Pebble Dash/ Dry Dash

    Concrete/ Paving


    Decking/ Timber


    Driveways/ Tarmac


    The presence of graffiti can have a hugely detrimental impact on any area as it can bring down the tone, deter visitors and can even incite further crime. By not dealing with graffiti, you could very well be encouraging further acts of vandalism to take place. Remember, under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003; it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that any graffiti is removed from their property. So, enlist our graffiti removal services today.

    As the best choice for exterior cleaning services Bournemouth has to offer, we can use powerful jet washers to strip away the graffiti. For walls that aren’t suited for cleaning by jet washers, we also have special paint removers which are a far gentler alternative. Finally, we can also apply anti-graffiti coatings to walls that are frequently defaced. These coatings make future cleaning quick and easy as they prevent the paint from fully adhering.


    In addition to the services mentioned above, Pure & Clean can also assist with solar panel cleaningfascias, soffits and gutter cleaning and jet washing and chewing gum removal. For more information about our Bournemouth exterior cleaning services, call Pure & Clean now on 01202 567891.


    Situated in the heart of Bournemouth, Pure & Clean are a company that boasts a proud reputation for delivering high-quality exterior cleaning services. From domestic to commercial clients, our portfolio features many satisfied customers who have gone on to recommend our exterior cleaning services in Bournemouth to their friends, family and acquaintances.

    Our highly skilled and trained team can render assistance wherever it is required. Whether you require our cleaning services at height or at ground-level, expect nothing less than exemplary Bournemouth exterior cleaning services.

    Above all else, our company is committed to providing excellent customer service. We carry full public liability insurance, so you’re always protected no matter what. Plus, we’re dedicated to providing the best possible exterior cleaning services in Bournemouth at the most affordable prices around. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better alternative anywhere else.

    To enlist our Bournemouth exterior cleaning services, simply give us a call on the number below.


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