Bournemouth Industrial Cleaners

Bournemouth Industrial Cleaners

If you live in the Dorset area, have you bothered to stop and watch any Bournemouth industrial cleaners at work lately? The chances are not.

Very rarely these days are window cleaners seen working on ladders, especially high, triple extending ladders, a second workmate holding the bottom of the ladder for safety reasons. The use of cradles for cleaning windows on high rise office blocks and hotels is also disappearing. With the curved lines of modern architecture, it is becoming difficult to install cradles which can cover the amount of glass used in modern construction.

As with other trades, window cleaning equipment and best practises have moved with the times, and health and safety regulations have moved with them. Although working off stepladders, or an extending ladder is still acceptable, it should be considered a last resort. At Pure & Clean Streak Free Window Cleaning, we consider the safety of our staff of paramount importance.

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    Here at Pure & Clean Bournemouth Industrial Cleaners, we offer a range of services to domestic, industrial, and commercial customers.

    Window cleaning is obviously a major part of our operation including conservatory cleaning, but we also undertake soffit and fascia cleaning, gutter clean-outs, and solar panel cleaning. At ground level our services include, jet washing of building exteriors, driveways, and patios. We also carry out resealing of damaged areas or where water ingress may become a problem.


    From our early days of domestic window cleaning, (yes we used to work off ladders), we now offer a comprehensive cleaning service to domestic customers, and commercial and industrial clients throughout the Bournemouth area.

    Customer satisfaction, and the safety of our staff, has always been our prime concern, and when viewing a new contract both receive equal consideration. Nowadays, the majority of our staff can work from ground level. We employ high reach extending poles which have automatic watering systems. The water we use is semi-pure, providing a sparkling, streak free finish to windows no matter how high.


    Whether you are a private resident, residential landlord, or a facilities manager considering using Bournemouth Industrial Cleaners, please give us a call. We are responsible for the regular cleaning of windows on some of the tallest buildings around the area.

    Our quotes are transparent, easy to understand and highly competitive. We are members of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), and the Federation of Window Cleaners (FWC).

    Whether your needs are window, conservatory, guttering, patio or driveway cleaning, contact Pure & Clean industrial cleaners today. One of our managers will be pleased to visit your premises and provide a quote.

    Pure & Clean, giving your premises a brand new sparkle. Give us a call on 079733 54321 today!