Graffiti Removal

Has your building been vandalised by unsightly graffiti? Are you concerned about how this might affect the image of your business? Here at Pure and Clean, we provide a competitively priced graffiti removal service that will have the outside of your property looking pristine in no time. Regardless of how extensive the graffiti is, you can expect first-class results every time. To find out more, call us today on 01202 567891.

The Number One Choice for Exterior Cleaning Services

There are many problems that a business owner must contend with, and a lot of these issues directly impact their reputation. One issue in particular that can be rather damaging to a company’s image is graffiti. Even graffiti that isn’t offensive can give the impression of a building that is rundown, causing customers to look elsewhere. Therefore, we recommend that you book in graffiti removal at your earliest convenience.

Our graffiti cleaning services are among the most effective around. The team at Pure and Clean are skilled at removing even the most stubborn graffiti, restoring any surface to an immaculate state. Graffiti all too often features offensive or abusive imagery and words, and so should always be dealt with quickly. Dealing with graffiti in a prompt fashion also helps to deter would-be vandals who often move on to locations where their efforts won’t be undone so quickly.

So, what sets Pure and Clean’s graffiti removal service apart from the rest? Keep reading to find out.

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    Graffiti Cleaning Services Customers Can Always Count On

    Under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003, it falls to the owner of the building to ensure that their property is kept void of any graffiti. It is essential then to make sure that graffiti removal services are requested as soon as possible. Removing graffiti by yourself can be time-consuming, but with our services, it takes hardly any time at all.

    After a quick inspection, we’ll supply you with a no-obligation, fully itemised quotation. Our prices are listed up front with no hidden fees to contend with. If you choose to proceed with using our exterior cleaning services, we’ll get to work removing the graffiti from your building’s exterior. We have access to high-pressure jet washers which can strip away the surface paint while cleaning the surface underneath. We can safely remove all kinds of graffiti, including:

    • Paint
    • Chalk
    • Labels
    • Posters

    Some surfaces are unsuitable for jet washing, which may cause more harm than good. If this is the case, do not worry, as we can use special paint removers instead. These cut through all types of graffiti, removing it quickly without damaging the underlying surface. To prevent further issues from occurring in the future, we can apply anti-graffiti coatings.

    These coatings make it that much harder for graffiti to adhere and make graffiti removal a lot easier. If your building is regularly vandalised, we can even schedule in repeat visits that can be booked in as required. In line with health and safety guidelines, all work is carried out by our trained team in full personal protective gear. Our team are covered by public liability insurance too for your peace of mind.

    Why Should You Request the Removal of Graffiti?

    As mentioned above, there are several reasons as to why you should request the removal of graffiti from your property without delay. The presence of graffiti can bring down the tone of the entire area, creating the wrong image and causing damage to a company’s reputation. It creates the impression of unchecked crime and is likely to entice more vandals into the area and other, more serious forms of crime to occur.

    Above all else, it will deter customers from visiting your premises. So, when you spot graffiti on the exterior surface of your commercial property, you should pick up the phone right away. Call Pure and Clean today on 01202 567891 and discover why we’re the number one choice for graffiti cleaning services.

    Why Choose Us for Graffiti Removal?

    Based in the heart of Bournemouth in Dorset, Pure and Clean provide a wide range of quality, affordably priced services. From window cleaning and jet washing to graffiti removal, all our services are provided by fully trained, industry-approved experts. Excellent customer service sits at the heart of everything we do and drives us to continually improve our performance across the board.

    We’re a company that adheres strictly to health and safety, which is why we’re accredited by CHAS. We’re also proud members of the Federation of Window Cleaners and Checkatrade, through which we have received many fantastic plaudits from previous customers. Reliability and timekeeping are two areas that our team are renowned for, as well as being tidy, courteous, and the quality of our workmanship.

    When you’re looking for exterior cleaning services, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than Pure and Clean. This is a statement that is echoed by many of our customers, as you can see from the following testimonial:

    “Pure & Clean came to clean our glass. They did an immaculate and thorough job and were so cheerful and polite. We were SO impressed”Forest Cats Hotel


    So, book your graffiti removal service now by calling Pure and Clean on 01202 567891. You won’t be disappointed with the results.