Ship Deep Cleaning

Ship Deep Cleaning

An outbreak of illness is never a welcome event aboard a ship, and the ongoing Covid-19 circumstances has unfortunately led to this situation becoming a more regular occurrence. At Pure & Clean our team of fully trained cleaning operatives can deliver a comprehensive decontamination service, ensuring your vessel is free from risk and ready for its next voyage.

Our experienced teams can have you out of port in a short period of time. This includes safety planning on and off signing crews.

Whether it is coronavirus, norovirus or any other nasty bug that has been spreading throughout your crew and passengers, we can aid in the handover of the ship. We will facilitate a safe disembarkment and carry out full decontamination services in every area of the ship, providing a clean and safe environment

Interior & Exterior Ship Cleaning

Whether it is a commercial, industrial or leisure vessel, a hygienic environment and high level of cleanliness is important for guests and those working on the ship. From the windows and floors to the onboard accommodation and facilities, with our professional ship deep cleaning service you can rest assured that your entire ship will receive a thorough, high-quality clean.

Constant exposure to the elements, including salty air and sea water, means that effective exterior cleaning is highly vital to maintain a clean and attractive appearance. As well as performing an extensive clean of the interior of your ship, our team of cleaning specialists can also ensure the exterior of your ship is looking immaculate.

Covid-19 Decontamination

Unfortunately, coronavirus is still with us and it seems that this will be the case for the foreseeable future. This means that it is still necessary for businesses to exhibit caution in relation to the potential spread of this virus, as well as to exercise vigilance in the face of any outbreak. Pure & Clean are experts in covid decontamination cleaning services and we can thoroughly sanitise every area of your ship, eliminating any trace of Covid-19 and removing all risk of infection.

Using industry-leading electrostatic cleaning methods, our team will sanitise every single surface of your vessel. Our state of the art system offers truly comprehensive coverage and its ability to penetrate even the hardest to reach areas of your ship ensures an exhaustive sterilisation of all surfaces, including handles, switches, equipment and appliances. If you have experienced any cases of Covid-19 onboard, our ship decontamination will provide peace of mind that your vessel is clean and risk-free.

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    Ship Deep Cleaning

    From vessels docked at Poole, Southampton and Portsmouth to ships across the entire UK and Europe, Pure & Clean can provide the perfect solution for all of your ship decontamination needs. Our skilled cleaning specialists offer a swift and superior service, leaving your ship in a clean and hygienic condition.

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