Solar Panel Cleaning

Many of our customers ask,
“Do I need to have my solar panels cleaned?

And the answer is yes. To maintain optimum efficiency, solar panels should be cleaned at least annually, depending on your environment.

Anything that blocks the light transmission to your solar PV (or thermal) panels, has the potential to lower their performance – and the financial return you receive using them. If you have noticed a drop in the output you receive from your solar panels, it may be worth having them cleaned to improve efficiency.

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    You may think it would be easier, and cheaper, to just climb up a ladder and wash the solar panels yourself. However, aside from the obvious dangers of climbing onto your roof, using tap water can leave salt and mineral deposits on the panel.

    This is why we only use purified water, to ensure the best clean possible. We also have the necessary equipment, training and health & safety procedures to allow us to achieve a spotless finish.

    Pure & Clean service domestic and commercial clients alike, ensuring you are benefitting as much as possible from your solar panels.

    Many clients realise just how grubby their solar panels look once having their windows, conservatory or fascias, soffits and guttering cleaned. We can provide a quote to clean your solar panels as a one-off, or as part of an ongoing contract, depending on your needs.