Bournemouth Jet Washing

Are you having trouble with people throwing chewing gum onto your front driveway? Is your patio looking discoloured and a little neglected? If that is the case and these problems apply to you, you need to call the experts at Pure & Clean on 01202 567 891 or 07973 354 321 today. Our experienced team can offer the best Bournemouth jet washing services available at competitive prices.


When it comes to your home, it is something that needs to be taken care of – both inside and outside. Your home’s exterior reflects on you and it is always a good thing to make your home look clean and well kept. This is where our Bournemouth jet washing can really help.

If you have a patio, block paving section, pathways, or a driveway that is not looking its best and you would like it restored to its former glory, our Bournemouth jet washing is for you. Our dedicated team of professionals can offer jet washing in Bournemouth to keep your home’s external aesthetics on top form.

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    Over time, your various exterior surfaces will accrue a myriad of unsightly elements to them with our Bournemouth jet washing. Things like algae, mould, dirt, and others that will degrade the appearance of your home. On top of this, during the winter months especially, algae and mould can be very dangerous on driveways and paths by making them extremely slippery.

    The team here at Pure & Clean takes their work seriously and executes our Bournemouth jet washing services with pride. We have helped transform the aesthetics of many homes throughout the area by removing the unwanted layers of grime that accumulate over time. Our jet washing in Bournemouth will give your home a new lease of life and bring back a fresh look like it is brand new.

    Restoring the original sheen of your home can help in many ways. Removing the grime from the paths and driveways will make them safer during wet and cold periods. If you are looking to sell your property, then making it look clean and restored will help attract potential buyers – first impressions count so it is good to make sure yours is positive.

    On top of being able to remove the filth from the surfaces around your home with jet washing Bournemouth, we can offer a filling and sealing service for the joints in your surfaces. We can fill the joints with high-quality kiln-dried sand and seal them with a specially designed sealant to keep your surface looking pristine for longer.


    Here at Pure & Clean, we are passionate about all of our services and we always aim to deliver the highest level of results for very competitive prices. We take health and safety seriously here, which is why we have been awarded the SafeContractor Accreditation. This means that we have been assessed and audited to the highest levels in the industry and shown that our Bournemouth jet washing and other services all adhere to the safety protocols and procedures in place. Our full range includes:

    We have a great range of services on top of jet washing Bournemouth that will keep your home or commercial property at its best.


    If you would like to talk to a member of our expert team, contact Pure & Clean today on 01202 567 891 or 07973 354 321. Alternatively, you can use our online form to write to us about your query or send us an email directly at