Commercial Cleaning Bournemouth

Are you looking for the best commercial cleaning service in Bournemouth for the outside of your building? At Pure and Clean, we are passionate about producing the best results for your property’s appearance, no matter the size or height. Over the years, we have gained vast experience providing commercial cleaning services and deep cleaning services for a variety of establishments, consistently delivering unbeatable results. Read on to find out why we’re the best.


If you take a look around Bournemouth, how many buildings can you see with filthy exteriors? Dirty exteriors make buildings look tired and shabby, but with the wave of our commercial cleaning in Bournemouth wand, we can greatly improve the appearance of your building.

At Pure and Clean our commercial cleaners provide superior service, giving your building a new lease of life. Throughout the years we have gained unrivalled experience in improving the exterior of:

Office blocks

Hospitality establishments

Educational buildings

Shops and shopping centres

Care homes

To offer our commercial cleaning Bournemouth service, we also hold public liability insurance and ensure that all of our staff are trained in all matters of health and safety, so you know that you’re receiving a genuine and highly professional service.

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    The demand for our commercial cleaning services is on the rise, with many companies taking advantage of our fully comprehensive cleaning services. Our team have been trained in delivering cleaning services to the highest standards using a whole range of methods. Read on to find out what commercial cleaning Bournemouth services we offer.

    Let your building stand out from the rest with our window cleaning service. We have the skills and equipment to clean windows for both low stance buildings and sky scrapers, with many of our window cleaners IRATA qualified.

    We use the latest technologies combined with traditional methods to clean your windows with a streak-free finish, whether we’re cleaning them from the ground up or abseiling down your building.

    All of our window cleaners carry out their profession in line with the strictest health and safety regulations, so you can be sure that when you choose Pure and Clean for our commercial cleaning in Bournemouth, you know that all you’ll be left with is sparkling windows.


    Your fascia, soffits and gutters often go unnoticed. Over time you’re fascia and soffits become coated in dirt while your gutters start sprouting their own gardens as they become full of seeds and various other deposits.

    At Pure and Clean, we use a safe and innovative method of working from the ground up to ensure we produce the best results without the use of ladders.  We have just invested in the new SkyVac, which is the market leader for gutter clearing equipment. This, too, allows us to carry out Bournemouth commercial cleaning from the ground up as it successfully clears all debris to allow for water to move through the system.

    Before we carry out any work, one of our commercial cleaning Bournemouth team will carry out a health and safety survey on your property and ensure that all of your fascia, soffits and gutters are accessible.

    We can use our camera to capture your gutters on film, assess how much work needs to be carried out to clear them and where any blockages may lie.

    From our findings, we will be able to give you a free no-obligation competitive quotation.

    Many commercial establishments are now investing in solar panels to reduce their outgoing costs,  while many new buildings are automatically being installed with solar panels in a movement to be more eco-friendly.

    With that in mind, the need for commercial cleaning in Bournemouth for solar panels has increased. When solar panels become covered in dirt, they don’t absorb as many light rays which in turn reduces the amount of energy they produce.

    With our professional equipment and knowledgeable team, we can clean your solar panels to a high standard, ensuring that they are restored to working to maximum output.

    Added to our list of Bournemouth commercial cleaning services is our k render cleaning.  Over time, walls can discolour, caused by tiny micro-organisms that thrive in damp and warm environments. While they might be small, these micro-organisms can damage the render and joints, so we recommend that you have your render cleaned by our commercial cleaning Bournemouth team every 1-2 years.

    Our k render cleaning method has been designed to quickly and efficiently remove algae, lichens and other organisms that may discolour the walls of your property. Unlike jet washing or harsh chemicals, our professional grade biocide technology removes any unwanted organisms from your walls without damaging the structure.

    Our k render cleaning service doesn’t just apply to render, we can also help rejuvenate:


    Pebble dash /Dry dash







    Over time, driveways and patios can become discoloured with moss and other organisms, making them look dark and dank.

    Jet washing the surfaces of your commercial establishment can be a time consuming process so why not get the Pure and Clean team to come and jet wash it for you? We can restore patios and driveways to their former glory, which can immediately make your commercial building look more attractive.

    After we have jet washed your surface, you can benefit from our re-sanding and sealing service.


    As you have discovered by reading this article, we can provide a fully comprehensive commercial cleaning Bournemouth service. With so many services available under one company name, we have the ability to not just transform one aspect of the exterior of your commercial establishment, but the whole outside appearance.

    You can pick and choose from our services to create a bespoke package for your needs, and we’ll ensure that all the necessary elements that need cleaning or restoring can be done so to an exceptionally high standard.

    When you choose Pure and Clean for your commercial cleaning Bournemouth, we can guarantee that you will receive a first rate service that is competitively priced.


    If our Bournemouth commercial cleaning service sounds like what you need, call us today on 07973354321.